5 Simple but Effective Security Tips for your iPhone

With the recent release of the iPhone 6, we thought it would be a good time to go through some very effective but often lesser known security measures for your iphone.

iPhone Security Facts

Disable Autofill in Safari

We can’t deny autofill is convenient but it can cache sensitive information such as log in details. If a phone is hacked or stolen many of you profiles could be hacked with information taken from your phones cache. Go to Settings - Autofill and toggle all options to off.

Don’t Automatically Connect to Public Wifi

Turning off wifi when not in use is a good way to save battery, it can also help you stay safe. It’s easier to attack a phone over wifi than over the cellular data network. Automatically connecting to wifi networks can put you at risk. Wifi networks can be hijacked for example man in the middle attacks. Wifi networks in public spaces are particularly at risk so only connect when necassary and be safe.

Enable iPhone Passcode Lock Feature

It obviously sounds risky, what if a child is playing with your phone and locks it or other such accidents. But after a number of failed attempts, the user won’t be able to make another attempt for a set amount of time which will keep increasing until the tenth attempt. At that point the phone can be locked requiring you to connect to your itunes to unlock it, or all data can be erased from your phone.

If you have sensitive information that you want to keep private, then enable erase all data. You can always easily restore the data to your phone from your last back up on itunes.

Encrypt Your Back Up

If somebody connected to your itunes account they could download your backup and a lot of sensitive personal information with it. Encryption is simple just click the encrypt backup box in the options screen of your itunes while your phone is connected. Don't forget to use a strong password for the encryption.

Install Zenmate

Zenmate encrypts your browser and all your app connections on your phone. It hides your IP, can unlock the web, block harmful sites and even compress your data saving you bandwith. It all comes in an easy to use easy to download app.

What do you do to keep your smartphone secure?