You need an Antivirus & VPN for ultimate security

We're always emphasising how important an antivirus and VPN are but what's the difference and why do you need both?

A VPN and antivirus both provide preventive protection from common cyber-threats. Good antivirus software will warn you of dangerous files or websites. A good VPN prevents snoopers from collecting information that could be used to hack your accounts or phishing attempts.

A growing threat is the risk of public wifi, using cheap and easily available equipment there are numerous ways a hacker can intercept data passing from your phone through the wifi connection to the internet. In the worst case all your data from emails to log in details could be seen by the hacker. A couple years ago Channel 4 in the UK did a report emphasing how easy it can be to steal extremely sensitive data over public wifi. This is where a VPN like ZenMate is particularly important. ZenMate encrypts your data to protect you from attacks such as man in the middle or packet sniffing.

A VPN hides your IP which can reveal a lot of seemingly minor details about you but that could be used in a phishing attempt. Antivirus software doesn't offer the same protection in this regard as a VPN. But while a VPN can protect you from snoopers and enhance your privacy, it can't stop you from downloading infected files or becoming victim of other forms of cyber-threats.

Antivirus software is important when your lines of defence fail and you need to clean up your system. Antivirus software will isolate infected files, scan your system for threats and remove them. Together a good VPN and antivirus software provide excellent protection. No matter who you are or what you do online, common sense and avoiding risky behaviour isn't enough to keep you safe and you need good software to help keep your computer safe.

We recommend using Avira along with ZenMate. Both have minimal system impact, operate under strict data protection laws and have streamlined easy to use interfaces.