Apparently, not all hacks are bad.

Here’s a case of pure Irony. Meet Italian-based Company “Hacking Team,” a notorious security firm accused of selling surveillance tech to corrupt governments. The dubious clientele include Morocco, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates. But on the 5th of July “Hacking Team” got hacked.

Apparently, not all hacks are bad

The hacker believed to be responsible, who goes by the Twitter handle Phineas Fisher, commandeered the company’s Twitter account before posting a link to a torrent file containing more than 400GB of data:

Hacked Team @Hacking Team July 6 2015

— Hacked Team (@hackingteam) July 6, 2015

“By the looks of it, Hacking Team has been stonewalling a 1-year UN investigation of the sale of their tech to Sudan,” noted Christopher Soghoian, Principal Technologist and Senior Policy Analyst with the ACLU.

Now isn’t that ironic?