Are the most Common Measures effective?

86% of internet users surveyed by Pew Research have taken measures to protect their identity online. It leaves 14% still unprotected but what strategies are people using and are they effective?


The majority of strategies identified are users altering their behaviour. 36% of users surveyed claimed they didn’t use a website because it requested their real name or other personal information. Deleting browsing history and cookies also ranked highly with 64% of users regularly doing it.

When asked 33% of users identified hackers/cyber criminals as the main reason for hiding personal data. But many of the methods used aren’t as effective as others.

Encryption is Underutilised

Only 14% said they used encryption methods or other technology to hide their identity. While limiting the amount of personal data shared is important, there is a lot of information shared automatically by your computer that can also put you at risk, such as your IP.

Encryption might seem complex but encrypting your browser traffic with ZenMate, is simple. It hides your IP and it protects your identity when you need it most such as when using public wifi or accessing sensitive information.

A VPN is not Just for Unblocking

A VPN also helps you avoid location based detection which was identified as an important issue by 70% of those surveyed. It helps hide your identity and adds an extra level of security as well as bringing a number of benefits such as avoiding geo-restrictions.

What are your security concerns and what do you do about them?