Are you infected with Hacking Team Malware?

In the aftermath of the Hacking team scandal, the firm that hit the spotlight for becoming the victim of a cyber-attack, in which a hacker walked away with over 400GB in stolen corporate data. we were left with zero day exploits in the wild.

Hacking Team is a secretive Milan-based firm which specializes in the sale of surveillance tools, malware and exploits to governments, law enforcement and private firms worldwide. Among leaked financial reports, customer lists and service presentations there were emails detailing zero-day exploits. The proof-of-concept examples are being analyzed as researchers dig through the firm's stolen data.

In the meantime, users are left to wonder if they have been infected with Hacking Team malware, of which some tools are so virulent they stay on a system even after hard disk wipes and removals. Researchers at Rook Security have decided to remedy the issue, and so are offering a new, free tool which detects known Hacking Team exploits.

Download it here: Rook Security Resources