Concerns about online privacy are increasing

The statistics from GlobalWebIndex about privacy concerns and VPN usage are not all bad, while it's unfortunate that data theft and snoopping are an everyday reality. It's good that more people are becoming aware and are taking measures to protect themselves.

One of the growing measure to protect user data and enhance browsing experience is the adoption of VPNs. 28% of all internet users use VPNs when accessing the internet. The highest percentage of VPN users are in Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil almost 40% of users use a VPN in those countries. When asked about motivations for using VPNs, accessing blocked content, anonymisation and avoiding surveillance were the most cited answers. Showing that VPNs are not just security software but can also help you to access more content and more information.

A growning number of people are using VPNs yet 31% of people surveyed didn't know what a VPN is, that is a sizeable chunk of people not aware of the security benefits that come with using a VPN.

When asked about concerns about the internet eroding personal privacy 58% said they were concerned, which is an increase of 10% over four years. The majority of internet users are now concerned about their privacy. The most popular way users try to improve their online privacy is using privacy modes. We talked about privacy mode here. It doesn't improve your necassarily security. Privacy mode only fulfills a very specific function, which is to hide your activities from the next person who will use that computer. But it is the most popular method with 46% of those served using privacy mode. The next methods are more effective, such as deleting cookies which 41% of users do at least once a month. Services such as AdBlock are also popular used by 29% and finally DoNotTrackMe used by 18%. More people need to be aware of VPNs not just as a way to access blocked content but as a easy way to stay anonymous online.

The advantages of a VPN is that it gives numerous form of protection from one programme. A good VPN like ZenMate hides your IP, making it almost impossible for sites to track you. It stops snoopers particlarly over public wifi from collecting information that they could use to hack your computer and ZenMate can still be used for all your unblocking needs.