What is the Deal with Russia and the US (All Things Election-Tampering)

2016 Election winners might be decided by Russians

The 2016 elections has many people sitting on the edge of their seats, but what seems a big threat associated with the election is the hacking. US and Russian has never had a friendly relationship, but some recent evidence indicates that Russia has been behind a series of cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee in order to influence the United States election process.

What are the reasons for the cyber attacks?

It has been established that informations leaks known as WikiLeaks and DCLeaks have been completed by using methods that are usually associated with the ones that Russian hackers most commonly use. The timing and essence of the cyber attacks indicate that they are meant to interfere with the American political system as well as influence the elections. The information is quite threatening because many also start believing that the voting system might come under attacks and it will not be possible to elect the next president democratically.

What type of cyber attacks occured and could occur in the future?

The attacks that were tampering with the American election process include hacks that were designed to scan and probe election-related system in both Illinois and Arizona. Researchers have been able to analyze those hacks and came to the conclusion that those wee issues by senior official of the Russian government.
The biggest threat that Russian hacking poses is the deletion of registered voters databases. That would lead to many people not being able to vote, which could easily influence which side of the elections will win.
Another big fear is an advanced attack which main purpose would be to target and modify software of voting machines so that it could affects how the candidate names are displayed or how the votes are counted. Just like in that The Simpsons opening episode gag a few years ago.

Why would Russia interfere with the US election?

Both Russia and the US have history in meddling in other countries elections because it was serving their own national interests. So it could be simply that Russia thinks it will benefit more from a Trump administration, rather than Clinton one.
Hillary Clinton has many years of experience in politics, while Trump has none. It would be a lot easier coworking with Trump and making deals that are more convenient for Russians. It is also worth to mention that in the past Donald Trump himself has admired Vladimir Putin.
After the leaks, the Republican presidential nominee has even encouraged foreign leaders to disclose any information on Hillary Clinton that they might have. This itself has left many people believing that the Republican party has been cooperating with Putin in order to win the election.
While the country and both political parties have been in distress over hacking accidents and their results, Donald Trump has been encouraging more hacks with no regard what it could to the country’s cyber security. It does not matter anymore if Russia has influenced the election, because it has caused even more damage to the democracy and strength of the US politics.

Are any measures taken to protect the elections against more hacks?

After the cyber attacks occurred about 33 states and 11 country agencies requested cyber security services in order to be able to protect themselves from any further attacks. The services provided include cyberhygiene scans that are done remotely and show officials which systems have vulnerable areas as well as give recommendations how to improve the systems.

Will the US do anything against Russia?

Obama administration has addressed the cyber attacks and it was the White House that unveiled the source of the hacks. At the moment, it is believed and expected of the US to respond to Russia. However, no official plans or announcements have been made. It is not out fo the question that Russia will be sanctioned by the US, but before that occurs, more proof of Russia’s cyber hacking needs to be collected.