Don't Ask for Your Privacy - Take it Back!

Tech companies, diverse organizations and thousands of individuals announce plan to “Reset the Net” on anniversary of first Snowden surveillance story on June 5th, 2014.

The Reset the Net movement committed to preserving free speech and basic rights on the Internet by taking steps to restrict the government’s mass surveillance capabilities. Organizations and companies across the technology industry and political spectrum oppose the bulk collection of data on all internet users. The Reset The Net website details the coalition of companies and organizations which are participating, either by improving their own security for users or promoting privacy tools to their members.

Take Part!

Internet users are invited to join in on the day of Reset The Net to install privacy and encryption tools and secure their personal digital footprint against intrusive surveillance. ZenMate is a proud part of them!

"We can take back control of our personal and private data one website, one device, one Internet user at a time," said Erik Martin, General Manager of reddit, "We’re proud to stand up for our users’ rights and help Reset the Net."

One of the most persistent questions in that context is:

Why should I care about privacy, when I have nothing to hide?

The answer is simple. None of the freedom and progress we’ve won over the past century would have been possible without the freedom to change things (starting with our own lives first) that privacy gives us.

So what about you? Do you want your privacy protected?