Google to Link Site Ranking to Encryption Standards

Google who supports encryption everywhere is to link Google search engine rankings to website encryption standards. The hope is webmasters will adapt to improve their search engine rankings bringing with it better security for all.

Encryption to influence Google Rankings

Google ranking is of course important for sites appearing high on search engine lists, so the move should encourage sites to improve their encryption standards as part of their search engine optimisation strategy. Google has a massive market share, about 80% of searches go through Google. If the change leads to webmasters improving their encryption standards it will improve internet security for everyone.

HTTPS isn’t simple as adding as ‘S’ to the URL. The Electronic Frontier Foundation identified 5 standards all websites should be using. Whether Google will integrate EFF's best practice encryption into their new policy is unknown, but any improvement to internet security is welcome. Users should remember HTTPS multiple encryption is possible and it will be a gradual transition with the move initially affecting less than 1% of global searches. The whole web isn't going to become encrypted overnight.

Take Encryption with You

If you’re not willing to wait for HTTPS everywhere or want to take your security into your own hands. ZenMate is a simple browser add on that gives you secure HTTPS connection everywhere. It’s also a great VPN as well as other security measures to keep you safe.

Do you care about the standard of encryption on the sites you visit?