How to safely customise your web browser

It's the most used programme on the majority of computers and most peoples way of accessing the internet. Internet browsers can be customised to suit your tastes, enhance your security and browsing experience.

How to customise your web browser safely

Beware of the dangers

Alot of browser based malware falls under the customisation category. Something as simple as an add-on to change colours and backgrounds can also monitor browser acitivity and reveal sensitive information to hackers. Others can hijack your browser changing your homepage or bombarding you with pop-up ads. Research add-ons before downloading to make sure they're trustworthy and aren't putting your data at risk.

There are a lot of ways to customise your browser without downloading add-ons

Protect yourself

The first step should be to enhance your security. 55% of malware infections reach their computers through the browser. Good anti-virus software will also have ways of protecting your browser activities but there are browser based options available that can prevent tracking such as disconnect.

You can also enhance your protection by adjusting the settings of your browser, disabling cookies, not saving log-in details and other quick adjustments to your settings can really improve your security. ZenMate is also a great addition as it encrypts your data and helps you stay secure. There are also a number of technologies that your browser uses that you should restrict such as Flash and WebRTC. Check out our FAQs for more info.

Keep it simple

When trying to actually have some fun and make your browser experience more interesting, you don't need a load of new add-ons that may potentially slow down your browser. There are numerous options in settings allow make all sorts of simple adjustment. You can change your homepage so rather than landing on the generic browser page or a search engine, you can arrive on to news sources, your favourite comics, pictures of the days from sites like National Geographic.

Also consider other programmes you use such as evernote or maybe blogging platforms like tumblr, there are a number of add-ons to stream line posting or saving notes. Evernote has webclipper where you can save whole articles or bookmarks straight from the web to a new note in evernote. Tumblr has numerous add ons that enable you to post directly to tumblr from around the web. This is just an example of two there are thousands of others for all sorts of programmes.

Unlock the web

There is a lot of content hidden behind geo-restrictions such as censorship that can easily be unlocked with ZenMate. ZenMate is a lightweight browser add-on that enhances your security and can help you unblock all sorts of great content around the internet.