How to Keep Firefox Secure

Firefox’s security standards were initially cited as reason for leaving internet explorer but its security standards are mixed, it can be extremely secure if the user takes the proper precautions, has the right settings and extensions.

Firefox security issues

Here are a few simple tips for Firefox users to stay safe.

Get the Settings Right

Firefox comes with a lot of settings to enhance your security but you have to activate many of them. Firefox can enable a no track, no cookies and anonymous browsing functions. You can also enable a master password.. The risk of somebody accessing an idle laptop is often overlooked, so a master password for Firefox is a good idea.

Also very important if you’re syncing Firefox across devices make sure to keep your security settings consistently strong across devices.

Only use Trusted Add-Ons

Firefox made add ons and a customizable browsers accessible to the masses, but with customizability comes risks. Firefox of course scans and takes precautions but bugs and other security risk can be missed. There are also of course unofficial sources for Firefox add-ons that should be avoided. The threats can be anything from spam to trojans so it’s important to be cautious when downloading add-ons. Disable ones that you’re not using regularly, that will also speed up your browser and make sure to keep add-ons up to date.

Also don’t forget that Flash has been plagued by vulnerabilities, Firefox has limited its use but it’s still advisable to download Flash Control or a similar add on.

Security Measures for other Browsers also apply to Firefox

It should be obvious but is worth repeating. All the usual precautions to stay safe such as not clicking suspicious links or downloading suspicious files etc. apply to Firefox.

Download the Right Security Add-Ons

There are a lot of options but even big names ones can consume more memory than necassary or not provide the level of protection they claim. Ad block removes annoyances but also protects from phishing advertisments. Anti-virus, encryption and a vpn will all help keep you secure when browsing. If you chose the right add-on, they can improve your browser, not just protect it.

Watch out for ZenMate for FireFox - bringing internet security to your browser soon!

How do you keep your browser secure?