How to stay ahead of cyber-criminals

Human error was found to be a factor in 95% of cases investigated by IBM Security Services in 2013 that's why it's important that you inform yourself about the threats and stay up to date on security developments. Here are some of the sites you should check out to stay informed and keep ahead of cyber-criminals.

How to stay ahead of cyber-criminals

Check out respected tech news sites

There are a lot of tech news sites but some are more respected than others. It's also important to find ones pitched at the right level. Big names like, pcworld as well as the technology section of regular news sites like the BBC are the best places to start.

Take a free online course or watch some lectures

There is a ton of great resources on the internet for learning new skills and improving existing ones. There are numerous ways to access more information including courses and individuals lectures about cyber-security, identity theft and privacy. Ted talks are always popular and there are number of really interesting talks to get you thinking about your own security. also offers a free online course "introduction to cybersecurity" that's great for learning the basics about passwords, encryption and data protection.

Check out your national authorities websites

The growing threat of cyber-crime and with much of identity theft moving online many countries have now established new national authorities to monitor, advise and report on cyber-threats. Find your countries relevant authority. The US has the Federal Trade Commission, in the UK there is Action Fraud. These websites and their social media accounts will post warnings about the latest threats as well as containing useful information on how to stay safe. Europol also has a section on their website on how to deal with the typical threats that internet users face.

Check out company blogs

Password manager Lastpass was recently hacked and the company took the responsibe decision to inform their users. They posted the details to their blog. It's just one example but when responsbile companies have a security breach they inform their users of fixes and actions to be taken to improve your security. There are also security companies such as Kaspersky that post information and interesting statistics about cyber-crime on their websites.

We at ZenMate always try to use our blog to keep users informed and give your useful tips to stay safe online. Here a guide to deal with identity theft or here how to come up with the best passwords to protect your accounts.

Do you feel well enough informed to stay safe online?