iCloud Hacked

The news broke that celebrity pictures stolen from the iCloud had been leaked at the end of August but it’s still not totally apparent how it happened. Apple claims it was a very targeted breach using phishing. The data theft should make users review their own cloud usage and security

iCloud Hacked

A Targeted Brute Force Attack

Phishing is when cyber criminals gather information about a user. Using the information gathered using phishing the hackers most likely used a brute force attack on Apples forgotten password service. Brute force attacks bombard an account with passwords until eventually they get the password right. Apple claims that it was a very targeted attack rather than a widespread breach.

One of the most worrying things to emerge from the incident is that some of the iOS devices users didn’t realise that their data was being automatically back up on the cloud. We have written before about the risks of cloud computing. It’s difficult to identify every risk and a lot of security is in the hands of companies to whom you trust your data.

The Cloud Benefits and Risks

Cloud services have huge benefits but it’s a relatively new feature and users are still adjusting to the new security challenges that come with it.The most secure data is the data that is kept offline. When using cloud services strong passwords across all devices, two step authentication active where possible and of course staying encrypted with ZenMate.

ZenMate can help protect you from phishing attacks which often begin with something as simple as identifying your IP address. Zenmate hides your IP address and adds protection against hackers when accessing sensitive data.

Do you trust the cloud with your data?