Chrome Security Tips

Chrome is the worlds most popular web browser. It's full of features, a massive add-on library. It's a great browser but it's not without its security flaws. Here are 5 simple tips to make Chrome more secure and improve your browsing experience.

5 Tips for a safer Chrome

Activate the browsers built in security features

Devlopers are gradually become more security conscious, so all the mainstream internet browser come with a number of security features. Chrome has a number of options that you should enable. Under advance settings you will find privacy options. Enable anti malware and phishing which will warn you when you're asscessing a site that has been marked as a possible attack site by google.

Click content settings just under privacy to bring up further options. Set cookies to "keep local data until I quit my browser, enable the pop up blocker, disable javascript and under location click "do not allow any sites to track my physical location". These are first basics steps to making Chrome a safe browser experience.

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

It's simple and always bares repeating, use good passwords. Try and resist the urge to allow Chrome to remember allow your passwords without any added security. Chrome doesn't have a master password option meaning your passwords are vulnerable to anyone who manages to access your computer.

If not wanting to give up the convenience of your passwords being remembered consider a password manager that suits your needs. They require a bit of set up but once running they're extremely convenient and many come with random password generators meaning you won't have to waste time trying to think of a good password.

Take care of your synced data

In one of the biggest hacking scandals last year, the celebrity photo hacking. Victims admitted to not realising their data had been synced to online accounts where it was remotely accessible to anyone who had their log in details. Don't make the same mistake, if you didn't realise that Chrome saves data so Chrome can sync with any other device you log in with, then it's probaby best to disable the sync function.

Sync is obviously conveient across multiple devices but if one of those devices isn't secured properly your putting your data at risk. Chrome also stores synced data in an unsecure format on your harddrive that could be accessible by malware. Make sure to activate the encryption sync passphrase which requires an extra password when adding a new devices to the list of synced one, also two step verification is a good idea. Finally don't allow Chrome to sync sensitive data such as passwords and credit card details.

Watch out for risky technology

When browsing the interent you use multiple technologies from those needed to communicate with sites to those that display websites and multimedia correctly. Unfortunately some of the technology isn't as secure as we would like. In extreme cases users disable javascript, but doing so can break some sites and disable a lot of other features.

Flash is a programme you should secure especially if you're using any VPN software like ZeMate. Flash is quite old technology and vulnerable. We recommend installing the FlashControl extension. It's not a perfect solution and if you want the best solution to ensure Flash doesn't leak your IP, we have a simple step by step guide on on our FAQ page.

WebRTC is another technology designed to improve the internet, in this case real time communications but it also has raised serious security concerns and is at risk of leaking your IP. The easiest solution is installing WebRTC Block.

Download ZenMate

Chrome was the first browser that ZenMate was made available for and it's still free to use with no restrictions. It's unobtrusive, simple to use comes with 5 server locations. We encrypt your data to keep you safe from hackers and snoopers and your IP address is hidden.

Not only is ZenMate a great security add-on, it can also help you access an unrestricted internent. By changing your location you can avoid geo-restrictions and access content that wouldn't be otherwise available.