Internet of Everything: Are We repeating the same Security Mistakes?

It's the latest trend "the internet of everything", a world of inter-connectivity that will make our lives easier by controlling and measuring everything online. It obviously has it risks, they're not unstoppable risks but are we making the same mistakes with the internet of everything that were made when the internet was first developed?

Internet of Everything: Are We repeating the same Security Mistakes?

When the internet was first developed, the researchers and those using it were a close and small community so much of the technology didn't account for the risks of hackers and cyber-criminals. At the time few using the internet saw the mass appeal it would have and even as it became apparent that there were fundamental flaws there was little desire to do anything about them.

The fear is that excitement or the desire to capitalise on the internet of everything means that security is being overlooked with possible terrible consequences. Hackers in the USA were able to hack a self aiming sniper rifle, shutdown cars in the middle of the motorway and vulnerabilities in the technology that will be used in self-driving trucks could leave them vulnerable to remote hijacking. Even the top 10 smartwatches which can handle a huge amount of personal data were all found to be flawed.

The internet of everything is still an exciting prospect, but if you're an earlier adopter take that moment to consider the risks invovled.

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