Limits of Location Based Tracking

72% of smartphone owners use location based services only 35% of those surveyed have occasionally turned off location based tracking due to fears about the safety of their information.

Location based tracking

The majority of users use location based tracking for directions, but also some of the most popular apps such as facebook use it to enhance user experience, such as checking in to a location, making location based recommendations and informing users when friends are nearby. 30% of social networks users have their account set to show their location in correspondence with posts.

User Concerns are Valid

The dangers are obvious, location based tracking can make make you vulnerable to predators, thieves and other criminals. Location based tracking should be used sparingly and users should also be aware of what apps have access to their location.

Turning off location based tracking when not in use is a simple step that helps, but that doesn’t stop information being transmitted to companies. Be cautious when downloading apps that request permission to access your location.

ZenMate Can Help

There is a lot of ways that retailers and others can track your location. A mobile VPN can also help limit location based tracking, when browsing the internet a VPN will hide the information that is shared with sites such as retailers that is used to monitor your behaviour. ZenMate hides information that can also be used by unscrupulous individuals to put you at risk particularly when using public wifi.

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In what circumstances do you trust sites/retailers with your location?