Secret Court Ignores Congress

Fellow Americans when you celebrate Independence Day on the the magnificent 4th of July. While we wish you well on this special day please remember the ideals of the founding fathers of the nation. We are sorry to report yet another violation of freedom.

Secret Court Ignores Congress

On June 29, a secret court ruled that a federal court and Congress were wrong to end the NSA's bulk collection of phone metadata; therefore, the mass surveillance can carry on as before — for now. National Journal reports: "The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [FISC] approved a government request to renew the dragnet collection of U.S. phone metadata for an additional five months.

In his opinion, FISC judge Michael W. Mosman ruled, “Second Circuit rulings are not binding on the F.I.S.C. and this court respectfully disagrees with that court’s analysis, especially in view of the intervening enactment of the U.S.A. Freedom Act.”

That’s right. The court, established specifically to judge the merits of applications by the government to spy on citizens, gave a green light to the NSA to keep spying on Americans, ignoring completely the fact that Congress cut off the bulk surveillance program on June 1, the will of the people, and the plain language of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

We hope for our American friends that the next Fourth of July will be free of mass surveillance.