Security News of The Week 2

DDoS attacks on WikiLeaks and Twitter that you were not aware of

Elections might be over already, but what some of people were unaware that just two days before the presidential election WikiLeaks published a new set of emails that were hacked from the DNC. It is believed that the emails were stolen from John Podesta, who was the chairman of Clinton’s campaign.
Later, on Monday WikiLeaks announced that they were under a DDoS attack. The message was delivered on Twitter and soon afterwards, Twitter became wounded as well by the very same attack and went down for at least 30 minutes.
It is unclear if there was a connection between the incidents, but many people assumed that Twitter occured in order not to allow the Wikileaks to spread any more information. Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton has been cleared of any allegations ever made against her.

Thousands of Android devices were hacked by slipping through an open window in the Chrome Browser

It lately came to light that there is a vulnerability in Chrome for Android which has lately been largely exploited by hackers all around the world. It allows them to secretly download banking trojan apps onto a victim’s device without their permission or knowledge.
Many people are aware of sudden pop-ups that appear on a mobile device and notify the user that the device has been infected. The pop-up then advises the user to install a security app to remove the virus, but what actually happens is that the advertising pop-up automatically downloads an Android app installation, also known as .apk file to the device.
The pop-ups also trick the user to change settings on their phone, so third-party installations from not verified places are allowed and that is how trojan apps appear on mobile devices. It has been established that over 300,000 Android devices around the world have been infected.

China’s new laws will tighten the country's control over the Internet.

China is a country with some of the strictest censorship laws in the world. Not only it makes it difficult for the foreign companies to do business in China but it is also difficult for Chinese people to experience freedom of speech online. Just this month the Chinese government has approved of new cybersecurity regulations that are quite controversial based on the fact that they are making the country’s regime stronger and almost impossible for the technology companies to work within China.
The news are set to come to life in June 2017 and aims at combating hacking and terrorism but is also served with a side of surveillance, real-name requirements and data localization. The new law requires that all instant messaging services force users to register with their real names and it also requires data localization. The law threatens people to lose their online anonymity and Chinese Human Rights Watch is already opposing the legislation.

Instagram aims to be the best and most popular social media platform

Instagram has introduced Stories not so long ago, but now it has been announced that the giant will add three new features to Stories and it is going to be one of the biggest updates in the app’s history. Now the users of the app will be able to add URL links to their stories that the viewers can navigate without having to leave instagram.
Another feature is that users will be able to hashtag their friends in stories and even add a Boomerang to the stories. Boomerang is a stand-alone app that is there to create one-second video loops and adds them to Instagram Stories. Now users will be able to create such videos without having to use the stand-alone app. The new updates apply only to the Stories function, not instagram itself.

The US election has come to an end and left the world in shock.

This Wednesday it was announced that the 45th president of the United States will be Donald Trump. Him winning the election has been stunning to everyone. Yet in his victory speech he has claimed to be a president to all americans and encouraged the divided country to come together. Donald Trump has won states like Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.
Trump has won the rice with 279 electoral votes, while Hillary Clinton had 228 votes. It is worth to mention that the majority of the US population were in favour of the Democratic party. Now that Trump has claimed victory, the American political map is shifting completely, because the Republicans have retained control over the US Senate and the House of Representatives. At the moment it is unclear what new laws will be established, but many people fear of the effect President Trump might have on cybersecurity if he started to control the NSA.