Security News Week 4

Will SpaceX become the first global internet providers?

Internet is now a big part of everyone’s lives but there are some parts of the world still left unconnected. Elon Musk is planning to change that though. Elon Musk is the SpaceX founder and his plan for bringing low-cost internet worldwide starts in space.
Very recently the company has asked the US government permission to launch over 4 thousand satellites into orbit in order to beam high-speed internet to the world. It would be the biggest amount of satellites in the Earth’s orbit This project of Elon Musk is part of his plan to fund a city on Marks and it would cost about 10 billion dollars. The satellites are supposed to provide internet globally.
If the permission was given to Musk, the initial launch would contain 800 satellites in order to expand internet access to all of the United States and the US Virgin Islands. The said satellites will weigh approximately 386 kg and could cover an ellipse of 2,120 km wide. If the project is successful, then it provide space-based worldwide internet network with speed up to 1Gbps. SpaceX is not the only company with such high goals, as OneWeb and Boeing have also applied for permission to launch internet supporting satellites.

None of the computers are safe against microphone hacking

Cybersecurity has never been a more urgent issue. Everyone is aware that web hacking is possible and a common occurrence, but cybercrime has taken a step further and not your security can be undermined through your headphones. Recent series of experiments are a proof of that. Turns out, hackers can turn headphones into a microphone to spy on all conversations without anyone’s knowledge.
Using headphones as a microphone is an old technique used to create a little spying device. But the new malware allows for the conversations to be recorded in channels that are nowhere near the PC or the people being recorded. The malware can even hijack a computer and record audio even when the microphone is disabled or not even connected to the computer.
The malware can be used on any computer because most technology uses chips from RealTek, which make the hack to easy to happen. So it can be either a WIndows or MacOS run computer and it is still not safe against such an attack. What makes the matters worse is that the issue with the RealTek chips cannot be easily fixed.

Kasperky is creating new, more powerful OS system

Kaspersky is a very big firm mostly known for its antivirus and as cyber security giant. Well, right now the company is building a completely hack-free operating system under the name Kaspersky OS. The operations system has been in the development for 14 years and is being built up by Kaspersky completely from scratch. At this point there are not many details known about the new operating system, but Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the firm has said that Kaspersky OS will make its debut on a Kraftway Layer 3 Switch.
Kaspersky OS is based on Microkernel Architecture, hence the users will be able to customize the system to their own needs. The new operating system would also have an inbuilt security with the ability to control the behavior of different applications. The company itself claims that the new operating system would be completely unhackable. Some people might ask why and the answer is because if any hacker wanted to gain unauthorized access into the system, he would need the digital signature of an account holder which is only possible with the help of a quantum computer. Kaspersky OS could also protect industrial control panels, SCADA and IoTs from cyber crime more efficiently.

Apple is on the list of companies that collects user's data without their permission.

Apple lately came on our radars as the company that positioned itself strongly as defenders of their users privacy. Apple did not give federal officials encryptions passcodes into its products and started implementing even stronger encryption on its products. That considered, some new information about the company comes across as shocking. It turns out that iCloud secretly collects and logs all of it’s users private data for as as long as four months. Even when the iCloud is turned off.
The news were discovered by a Russian digital forensics firm known as Elcomsoft. It is now known that Apple mobile devices send each user’s call history to the servers of the company. The only way to avoid that is to turn off the cloud synchronization feature. The problem is that is it not an easy solution to get rid of the problem as well as that Apple is not being 100% with it’s customers. An even bigger problem is that Apple collects the information from third party applications like Whatsapp and Skype.