Sharp Exchanges about NSA spying during Republican Debate

Sen. Rand Paul faced off with Gov. Chris Christie over the Fourth Amendment Thursday during the first Republican presidential debate. The GOP debate raised a burning question but some of the presidential candidates are not aware of its significance.

Sharp Exchanges about NSA spying during Republican Debate

The debate came after moderator Megyn Kelly asked the New Jersey governor about criticism he has leveled against Paul over the Kentucky senator’s opposition to the NSA’s bulk collection of phone records. “Do you really believe you can assign blame to Senator Paul just for opposing the people’s bulk collection of phone records in the event of a terrorist attack?” Kelly asked.

You can watch the debate here: Rand Paul and Chris Christie go at it during the debate

But more impertinently, candidates must remember what the American people want. the latest survey on the issue by the Pew Research Center, in May, finds that 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the government collection of communications data.

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