Start Windows 10 with the Right Privacy Settings

Windows 10 is soon ready for release and Lifehacker already has a useful guide to getting your privacy settings right when configuring your new copy of Windows 10.

Here's just a summary of a few of the really important points:

Get rid of bloatware

If you buy your new computer in a electronics store with Windows 10 pre-installed it probably also comes with a lot of bloatware. Bloatware is the name given to programmes that are usually pre-installed, come with a free trial but generally few people use due to better cheaper alternatives or simply not requiring the specific programme. Bloatware can be a threat because people are less inclined to update it and outdated software is a security risk.

Get the privacy settings right

There a lot of options in Windows 10 settings that with easy adjustments can enhance your privacy. Disconnect from your windows account for starters. Then consider disabling the microphone and camera for apps, same for location tracking you can disable these things entirely or set them to decide for each new app. Don't forget the physical security, enable a lock screen, password login. Make sure you have secure wifi and file backups in the event your computer is stolen.

Get a good VPN, Firewall and Anti-virus

A Firewall comes pre-installed and while there might be a free trial of an anti-virus it's best to find something to suit your needs and which won't expire after a short time. There are great privacy enhancing extensions available for the major browsers like ZenMate which hides your IP and encrypts your browser traffic. Our premium version includes a desktop VPN that encrypts all network traffic such as downloads.

Lifehacker has more great tips about configuring windows 10 to protect your privacy.