Staying Safe in the Cloud

The cloud is everywhere, some people don’t even realise that they are using the cloud. It’s extremely practical and allows improved accessibility when travelling, makes it easier to work on shared projects and stay organised. But it isn’t without its vulnerabilities.

Cloud Computing

The average user, has numerous devices that can access their information, it’s called multitenancy. Every extra device that is connected brings greater risk of hacking and data theft. Also if one device is hacked it makes it easier for other accounts and data to be hacked if the user is not taking the proper precautions. Here are a few tips to stay safe:

Keep All Devices Secure

There is no point having a proper complex password, secure settings and safe behaviour for your laptop, if you don’t keep the same standards for your other devices. Make sure to keep you security consistent across devices. Too many people have found one or more of their accounts hacked because they had an improperly secure device connected.

Get the Settings Right

Review your settings and synced devices to make sure their optimised for security. Personal cloud services have mixed security records and raise privacy concerns. But some of them such as Dropbox and Evernote, have ways of encrypting files and bodies of text, often quite simply with add ons or you could encrypt a file before uploading. This is a great and simple way of adding another layer of security to files. While not practical to encrypt all files, it’s a great idea for sensitive data but that said:

Limit your Use

Think about what you put on cloud devices such as Dropbox, if there is sensitive information that doesn’t need to be there, delete it or keep it on your own hard drive. While it’s online encrypt it and only acces it when you have a secure connection.

Be Careful how you Connect

We can’t emphasize this enough at ZenMate; public wifi is very unsecure. Of course public wifi is useful and makes it easy to stay in touch or keep up to date with work when travelling. Try to avoid accessing sensitive data while on public wifi. You can greatly improve your security while on the move, by installing our simple VPN and encryption add on.

The personal cloud is great but you don’t want to wake up one day with accounts deleted after all being compromised by hackers. It happened to tech journalist Mat Honan, overnight his online life was destroyed. If the worst happens, then you will be thankful you took the time to backup your data on to your hard drive and kept sensitive data to a minimum.

How do you stay secure when using the cloud?