Tablet Users at Risk

Tablets exploded onto the scene back in 2010 with the Apple Ipad, other companies were quick to follow, now about 30% of people online in the USA are using tablets. They’re definitely a pleasure for mobility and casual browsing, but as Nortons cybercrime report 2013 pointed out mobile devices are high risk.

Mobile Device Security

Of course many of the precautions that we take when using normal browsing apply to mobile devices but it seems many people are becoming victims of cybercrime due to negligence. 50% of people surveyed by Norton, don’t have basic anti-virus on their mobile devices. 57% aren’t even aware that mobile security solutions exist, with the cost of cybercrime increasing 62% from 2012, it isn’t going away anytime soon and a lot of people have to drastically alter their behaviour before cybercrime begins to decline.

The most common attacks are Trojans, malicious files downloaded hidden amongst other files. Drive by exploits, where websites exploit security flaws in the users software and finally code injection where hackers alter software to their own ends.

  • Safety Starts with the User

It’s easy to avoid the majority of threats without compromising convenience. Proper user behaviour is vital to stay secure, don’t download untrusted files, don’t open spam or other unsolicited contact, download updates when they become available and use a different password for every account.

  • Get the Right Software

There is a massive choice of security software available, it can be hard to choose particularly if looking for an effective but cheap solution. Many of the well known names for PC security will also have mobile solutions worth checking out.

  • Use a VPN

It’s very important for free wifi in public spaces. A visible IP can put your data at risk and make it easier for hackers to target you. A VPN obscures your IP and help you stay safe, it’s also practical to have on the move when trying to access sites in your home country that may be behind geo-restrictions.

  • Encrypt your Browser Traffic

It’s easy with our Zenmate add-on for your browser to encrypt all your browser traffic, it adds another layer of security even when you’re on secure Https pages. Which is great to know when sharing personal data or shopping. The best part about it? ZenMate will soon be available for your tablet as well!

What security solutions do you already use for your tablet?