Tesla Roofing

Tesla amazes the world again!

Tesla is an extremely well known company, mostly due to its electric vehicles, has announced its line of new products which are roof tiles with built-in solar cells. Just last Friday Elon Musk went on stage and delivered a speech about climate change. And then he introduced his revolutionary new product - solar powered rooftops. It is a way to clean our environment, lower carbon dioxide emissions, fight against global warming and be able to live by using sustainable energy.

Solar future made possible by glass shingles

The product itself looks stylish, something that many people will be drawn to use and what makes it better is the fact that it has an actual good purpose. The tiles look just like ordinary shingles, but they actually allow light to go through them onto a standard flat solar cell. Panasonic would be producing the solar cells needed, while Tesla’s job is to create the tiles that are made out of glass and make it work. Just like Elon Musk has said, the future is solar.

Many have tried and failed, will Tesla stand up to the challenge?

It is a nice belief that our future might become solar powered and the environment will be clean, but it is a difficult task. Years before Tesla presented their solar tiles, there was another solar power company under the name of Solyndra which went bankrupt just a few years ago, while just this year another company, Dow Chemical tried to start their own solar shingles projects, yet shut it down in July. So in a way, Tesla is not offering a new idea, but has to find a way how to make a great idea work in cheap, safe and successful way.

How will the solar tiles look and work?

The solars tiles are made out of tempered glass that the company claims to be as tough as steel. The substance that the tiles are made of makes them able to stand against a lifetime of abuse from all the elements. It has additional benefits, like heating elements that could melt snow off in colder climates. Musk himself claims that the tiles will never wear out due to the fact that they are made out of quartz, which is a substance that lasts a quasi-infinite lifetime.

Home sweet home. A glimpse into the future by Elon Musk

During the presentation, all the viewers were able to enter a prototype house that was powered entirely by Tesla. The building has the solar tiles on its roof with a Model 3 prototype electric car parked in front the house, right next to the charger. Powerwall 2 was also part of the house, a product created as a home battery required for electricity storage. Electricity storage is an important issue associated with the future uptake of solar power. It could be the case that more electricity will be produced and it will be hard to consume it, hence something is needed to keep that electricity at bay.

How long till the world becomes powered by solar energy alone?

At the moment there is not much information on the new solar shingles. It is believed that it can be possible to buy them as soon as in 9 months time. According to some calculations made by Tesla, it is estimated that in about 2 years after the production of the shingles, they could account for 5% of the five million roofs installed in the US every year.
The product is great and much needed, but it might not be affordable for everyone. Of course, someone who uses such roof will save money in the long time compared to someone who guys electricity from the grid. Nevertheless, it will be a premium product. The company has not yet given any information about how much their products would cost.