The FBI wants a backdoor to Encryption

The FBI wants a backdoor to Encryption, where ever it is. Just the other day, when testifying before two Senate committees, FBI Director James Comey warned about the threat he says strong encryption presents to law enforcement. He added that he needs some way to read and listen to any communication for which he’s gotten a court order. Modern end-to-end encryption doesn’t allow for that. Only the parties on either end can do the decoding.

The FBI wants a backdoor to Encryption

Comey refused to acknowledge the growing consensus among cryptographers, technologists and security experts that there is no way to give the government access to encrypted communications without poking an exploitable hole that would put confidential data, as well as entities like banks and power grids, at risk.

A day before the hearing, Security gurus explained in a white paper, why it’s not feasible to grant the US govt's encryption backdoor demands.

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