The new rising threat to privacy

“Your toaster will soon talk to your toothbrush and your bathroom scale. They will all have a direct line to your car and to the health sensors in your smartphone. I have no idea what they will think of us, or what they will gossip about, but our devices will soon be sharing information about us -- with each other, and with the companies that make or support them”.

These opening lines from an article published at Huffington Post, raise a serious question: Will the Coming 'Internet of Things' Mean the Death of Privacy?

We hear this debate all the time here at ZenMate. Privacy was declared dead many times. It was suffering under Facebook’s data mining and manipulation programs, it is shuttered under Google’s ability to know many details of our lives, and it was crushed under the spying all seeing eyes of government programs worldwide.

But privacy is a funny resistant creature.

Privacy seems somehow to rise every time from the ashes and find new ways to prosper. As people are more aware and concerned, so more resistance and technological counter tools are developed. We are proud being part of this process. Heck, who knows, perhaps in the near future there will also be a version of ZenMate for your internet of things. This way Wadhwa will not have to worry about his bathroom scale telling his refrigerator not to order any more cheesecake.