The Rise of CyberCrime

Drastic rise of cyber crimes all around the world

The more of our lives becomes handled online, the more we are exposed to cyber security risks. Technology and online services are evolving all the time and just like that online threats are evolving too in order to suppress the online world. Criminals are becoming more and more savvy about committing their crimes online, not only because it is more profitable, but also because it is easier to do so while staying anonymous and having minimal risk of being caught.

What is cyber-crime?

Cybercrime is categorized as any illegal activity that involves a computer or any network-connected device. It means that cyber crimes can be committed via phone, tablet or anything that can connect to the internet.

Usually, cyber crimes are divided into three categories. Category one is a crime in which the computing device is the target of a cyber attack. Category two is a crime where a computer is used as a weapon, to either launch a virus or a DoS attack. The third category is crimes in which computers are used as an accessory to the crime, for example, to store stolen data.

Cyber crime is also a range of malicious activities like stealing data, system interferences that compromise network traffic and copyright infringements. Illegal gambling, online sale of illegal items, bullying and stalking are also considered to be cyber-crime.

Why and how is cyber crime evolving?

The internet is constantly growing and that has largely allowed cybercrime to evolve because it allows the criminal to commit illegal actions without the need of an actual physical presence. The speed of the internet, its accessibility, anonymity and lack of borders make planned crime a lot easier to carry out.
It has been established that per year cyber crimes cost the global economy 400 billion dollars. Cyber crime is commonly committed either by individuals or groups of people, but more and more criminal organizations take part in it. Victims of cyber crime and the perpetrators may never meet in real life as in most cases they are separated by thousands of miles.

In what US cities are cyber crime rates the highest?

Cyber crime rates in the US have been on the growth in the last couple of years. It has been established that the highest cyber crime rates are in Washington, D.C, Seattle and San Francisco. In a recent research it was shown that Washington is the city with highest usage of smartphones. It is the city with largest attempts of malware infections and Web attacks. Seattle is known for its high usage of emails and social network activity, while San Francisco is the city with largest number of wifi hotspots and hours spent on the internet. All those factors lead to the point that these cities are more vulnerable to cyber attacks like spamming and data theft.

Three main steps to take against cyber crime

Some cities are exposed to more risk that others based on many different factors. The age of people, their behavior online, access to wifi hotspots all play a big role in the rise of domestic cyber crime. What everyone should keep in mind order to prevent cyber attacks happen to them is to never conduct sensitive business like online shopping or banking while being connected to a hotspot. Having strong login combination is extremely important, yet many of us still neglect that. It is also a good practice to change passwords regularly.
Last but not least, cyber security is becoming an increasing part of everyone’s lives no matter the place of living, so keep on top of what is going on in the world... being educated about the growing threat of online crime is a must. Don't tell us we didn't warn you!