Trust, but Verify!

Protecting your data online is one of the top trends in 2014. Many companies provide solutions to do so but how do you decide which one can be trusted?

The video shows two things, one is the threat ZenMate is saving you from, the other what simillar services might try to do.

When considering a VPN service, you should consider the trustworthiness of the service provider. Serious internet users will want to know whether their activities are logged, if the provider will hand over data to the police if requested. If a service being free seems too good to be true, sometimes the service might be selling your data for profit.

ZenMate doesn’t log, and has nothing to give to authorities or to sell to third parties. We are not just nice guys, we are bound by German law!

ZenMate can assure its users of the security of our product not only because of our high professional standards and data encryption practices, but also because we are based in Germany. A country with some of the worlds strictest data protection laws. If the police come knocking on our door looking for information on a user, we have nothing to give them, it is illegal for us to log user activity.

Germany upholds its data protection laws and has taken on big companies when protecting their citizens privacy.

  • Germany required Google to allow people have their houses blurred on Google streetview.

  • Google was also fined for collecting data from unsecured wifi sources.

  • Facebook’s friend finder feature was deemed illegal in Germany.

  • A German court has ruled that Facebook is bound by German rules even if the data is processed outside the EU.

German and European Laws are Getting Stricter

A recent judgement in the European Court of Justice has ensured that German laws on logging data will remain the same for the foreseeable future. Recently published EU legislation if passed will also strengthen the privacy of European internet users. The legislation will enshrine right to be forgotten. It will also end the issue of small fines for companies who willfully misuse user data, Google for example if caught misusing user data would be liable to pay 5% of their global turnover up to a max of €100 million.

What do you look for when considering whether a service provider is trustworthy?