Stream Super Bowl XLVII with ZenMate

Want to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday but unfortunately find yourself unable to stream it to your computer due to geo-restrictions? ZenMate is the fastest and easiest solution to ensure that you don't miss a second of the action. We have dedicated servers in the USA and UK so that you can acces many of sites that will be streaming the Super Bowl. Approximately 10% of Super Bowl viewers are outside the USA and it would more if it wasn't for the online geo-restrictions imposed by broadcasters. But they're not a problem for ZenMate users.

If you're one of the few unlucky people who won't be near a TV that will be showing the Super Bowl. You won't have a problem accessing an online live stream with ZenMate. It's easy to install browser add or mobile app. It's free, there are no data restriction in our free version and it's availabe across major browser and mobile operating systems.

Quick Install Guide:

  1. Install ZenMate from our website.

  2. Once you have installed the add-on and created an account, ZenMate should appear as a shield next to your URL bar.

  3. Click the shield to open the drop down menu and click on "Change location" in the bottom-left corner to see our list of our 5 secure server locations, including USA and UK. Click on the location you wish to use.

  4. Surf like normal and access whichever site you want to watch the superbowl on, such as Channel 4 in the UK or on many of the USA broadcasters, although they may require a subscription.

  5. Enjoy the Game.