We did not forget your Phone!

Yes, that’s right, we just launched a mobile version of ZenMate! It provides you with wondrous encryption which means guaranteed security and privacy. Not just on your browser, but on your entire phone. It is available for iOS and Android!

Android Security

When we set out to create the mobile App of ZenMate, we asked ourselves a simple question: is the ability to encrypt, anonymize, secure and compress mobile traffic something that smartphone users will actually want? In our team’s mind the answer to this question was clear. When we set to create this App it was because we believed global users needed one, not only wanted one. It turned out we were right.

We used OnePoll to conduct a survey in the UK and in the US about Mobile phone security. Both UK & US respondents seem to agree about the importance of privacy. In both countries, 82% of those questioned consider privacy “important” or “very important”. Only 54.4% of those surveyed in the UK secure their phones with a passcode and 41.5% use privacy protection software. In the US security awareness is even lower - only 37.2% secure their phones with a passcode, 30.5% using privacy protection software.

Keeping in mind that that 77% of UK youngsters (18-24) and 75% of US of the same age group are using unsecured public Wifi on a regular basis, we clearly have a strong case for our mobile App. The fact that most smart phone users are not even aware that their phones seemingly and silently connect to any open network they can find doesn’t seem to bother most users. At the same time, we all seek privacy and security.

Hide your phone! Protect your privacy!

So what does our App actually do? The ZenMate mobile app (for iOS and Android) offers the same level of security that our ZenMate Plugin for chrome does, but it is encrypting and securing all internet traffic on your device. It provides protection for you and your device whether you’re using public WiFi, at home or on the go. Another nice feature of this service is the way it masks your identity. With ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN you can unblock the internet by hiding your IP as well as changing your location, with a choice of many countries across the world. Our App even saves you money on bandwidth, thanks to our advanced data compression, and optimizes your browsing speed with our built-in accelerators.

ZenMate Android

As the number of our plugin users reaches 5 million, it is clear that privacy and security is a subject of growing concern all over the world (check out our older posts to learn more). It's obvious that as governments invade privacy, tools for encryption will become more popular. As hackers steal more sensitive information, security concerns grow. There are plenty of good reasons to secure, encrypt and anonymize your PC, so why not your mobile? And, let's be honest, it's not really just a phone anymore, it’s basically another bloody computer in your pocket!

Sure, these growing concerns have raised a response from others too. Companies like GeeksPhone, a Spanish hardware manufacturer, and Silent Circle, a U.S. communication firm, as well as GSMK from Germany, promise to provide privacy with secured phones. The Blackphone, a fully encrypted smartphone meant for the average consumer, is already on its way. But now we have a question for you: would you rather spend a few hundred bucks on a new phone or simply install an App that gives you peace of mind, only takes a jiffy to install and is free?

Oh, and did we mention that we even have a premium package?

Try our app for iOS and Android now!