What are the possible threats in a public wifi?

A lot of people are using public wifi daily - exposing themselves to various threats. Here is why you should protect your device.

threats public wifi

Free public wifi is everywhere but the cost could be your personal data. A large number of users on a easily accessible network is a very attractive target for hackers. It’s very easy to identify and track user activity over a public wifi network, freeware is readily available that would allow anyone to monitor data transfers and collect information about wifi users including login details.

The threats can come in the form rogue hotspots or middle man attacks where a hacker plants a rogue network between the user and actual network to capture all the data passing between them.

How to protect Yourself

The easiest way to avoid the threats is to avoid accessing sensitive data while using public wifi. It is a good idea to first verify the network is genuine. Also you can encrypt your data to make it more difficult for hackers to access it. ZenMate is a WebVPN that changes your IP and encrypts all your browser connections and can therefore help to protect you from hackers and spying attempts.

Do you protect yourself in a public wifi?