What is Heartbleed?


It’s an intentionally dramatic sounding name for a serious bug that was discovered in OpenSSL, the basic means of encrypting data during transfer. The bug’s official name is CVE-2014-0160 - it made passwords, usernames, credit card details and other data vulnerable to theft. By now relevant updates should be available for your operating system and should be downloaded as soon as possible.

Thousands of User’s Data at Risk

Heartbleed has affected over 500,000 sites including big names such as Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Sites with a responsible attitude to protecting their user’s data should have already fixed the bug and contacted you informing you to change your password if it was possibly compromised.

Heartbleed was an accident, a mistake in the programming but highlights how vulnerable your data can be online. It can happen again numerous pieces of critical software are managed by small teams, often volunteers. OpenSSL has four programmers only one of them works full-time.

Zenmate adds an extra layer of SSL encryption that would have secured user’s data. We are all about protecting our user’s data and we have not been affected by Heartbleed, we are fully updated and secure.

Will you change your online behaviour because of Heartbleed?