What is the advantage of hiding your IP?

A lot of people are talking about being anonymous on the web these days, but why is it actually important?

anonymous IP hiding

Your IP contains various data that can be used for mundane tasks such as targeting advertising or localising websites, although this can create a bubble. It can also be used to impose geo-restrictions and track your browsing history.

A visible IP can enable hackers to send you viruses and malware as well as attempt to hack your personal data resulting in identity theft. It is perfectly legal to block your IP and can greatly enhance your security. IP can also be used to target spam or block you from using a particular site. A hidden IP can also add another layer of security when buying online.

A hidden IP can also help you avoid geo-restrictions, giving you access to more content and information. Zenmate can hide your IP and make it a master of disguise.

When would you hide your IP?