When does Security News affect you?

Hacking, data theft and other cyber-crimes are almost constantly in the news at the moment. But how much of the report is sensationialism to scare the uninformed and how much of it is genuine important information you should by paying attention to?

When does Security News affect you?

Lifehacker has a great article going into detail about the sort of security news that matters. The 3 most important types of security news that they identify include:

Security breaches that requires action: When a site is hacked or fear they have been hacked they will sometimes recommend that their users change their passwords. It's important to take steps to protect yourself, even if it's an old account you haven't used in a long time, deleting the account would be a good idea.

Customer data stolen from a place you shop: This can take place in the real world as well as online. Employees at a business could have been stealing credit card details or of course online when a retailer is hacked and customer data is stolen. Read in more detail about the hack and keep an eye on your credit card transactions.

Get the information from the right sources: even big name new sources can become victims of sensationalism and inaccurate reporting when it comes to cyber-security. Pick a few respected and specialist websites such as PCMag, Wired and check them ocassiaonly. We previously wrote an article on this topic - How to stay ahead of cyber-criminals

The lifehacker article also has more great tips worth reading: Another Day, Another Hack: What Security News Should You Care About?