Who are the big Players in Spam?

Cloudmarks threat report for Q2 2015 reveals some interesting trends about spam. There are big players in Spam, 14% of all spam Emails in the UK come from one IP in Scotland. When big players get taken down it can quickly transform the spam landscape.

Who are the big players in Spam

Spam is becoming more sophisticated. Numerous email providers send SMSs as a way of forwarding emails. Spammers have abused this to spam phones since it's cheaper to send spam emails than spam text messages.

The report goes into detail about scams targeting other groups such as fake resumes/CVs sent to small businesses. The report details cases such as diet pill company who paid spammer to promote their product. Since the FTC intervened Cloudmark has seens a 79% drop in diet pill spam.

Check out the report in more details here: Cloudmark’s 2015 Q2 Global Threat Report