Who has been using their Right to be Forgotten?

When the Right to be Forgotten was first introduced in Europe critics claimed that it would be used by celebrities, politicians and criminals to hide their misdeeds. But statistics published by the Guardian show that 95% of Right to be Forgotten requests were submitted by citizens wanting to protect their private and personal information.

Who has been using their right to be forgotten?

The data was found in the source code of a Google transparency report and has a lot of interesting insights to the requests which google first began accepting in 2014. Nearly half of all personal requests have been granted while requests relating to politicians, public figures and crimes have much lower approval rate. Google has received about 280,000, about 46% of those have been granted.

A consumer watchdog in the USA has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, arguing in favour of the Right to be Forgotten. These statistics which show that the right to be forgotten is public good will surely strengthen their argument.

Want to use your Right to be Forgotten? You can find the Google support form here.

Google accidentally reveals data on 'right to be forgotten' requests