Why Berlin? You May Ask, We Already Know

Why Berlin is one of the best cities to live in?

We live in an amazing world and have the freedom to travel to any place that we set our mind on. If we wish to move to another city tomorrow, we can do so and over many years Berlin has been a very popular destination to both travelers and people wanting to start a new life. Why Berlin one might ask? Well, we are here to answer.

A Berlin history lesson.

United Berlin is the best Berlin.

In 1961 Berlin was divided by a wall that came down only in 1989. The wall completely cut off West Berlin from East Berlin and all of the East Germany. The East Berlin was under the Soviet Union rule. Not only the Wall divided the country, it also tore people and families apart. Even though it was one city, both parts were completely different based on its culture and progress. But the good people of Berlin could not stand it, so as quickly as the Soviet Union was falling, the Berlin Wall collapsed too.

For the first time in many years, the city finally was one again and all the people that had not seen each other for many years were able to reconnect.
Fun fact! Do you know who played a big role in bringing down the Wall? David Bowie! For a few years, he was a resident of West Berlin and in 1987 he played a concert by the Wall. The music attracted many eastern Berliners close to the Wall which eventually led to riots in East Berlin. These riots were one of the first ones that eventually led to protests to tear down the wall. Berliners to this day are very grateful to David Bowie and after his death have been making plans to name a street in his name.

So, what makes Berlin stand out from other places?

Berlin has one of the most diverse food scenes in the world.

There are many cities in the world that have outstanding cuisine, but Berlin takes it to a completely new level. Fun fact! The famous doner kebab was invented in Berlin and it involves a crispy Turkish bread filled with rotisserie meat, fresh veggies and sauce of your choice. Pair it up with an Aryan and you are in food heaven! If Turkish food is of no interest for you, then head to Charlottenburg. Kantstrasse there is known as the little China, due to vast Asian minority living there. For example, to experience a proper Korean BBQ you should head to Arirang, while at Lo Men’s Noodle house you can taste a different variety of Taiwanese specialties. Do De Li is a Chinese restaurant that will amaze you with a huge bowl of noodle soup, that has a spicy kick and homemade noodles. Or just skip that and have a good, old juicy burger either at Burgeramt or Burgermeister!

However, if you do not want to travel anywhere then just visit a traditional German imbiss, where currywurst ( a berlin staple ) and some pommes will be just what you need to satisfy you. Vegetarians and vegans, do not fret! Berlin is one the cities that really supports natural food culture and there are many great vegan restaurants and clean eating restaurants. Eating out in Berlin is pleasant, delicious and does not break your wallet.

A once in a lifetime music scene experience!

Food is not everything that makes a city great. Berlin is famous for its party scene as it is one of the birthplaces of electronic music. If you are looking for some amazing parties, then Berlin is the place to be and most likely you will enter one on a Friday night and continue partying till Monday morning. The range of different clubs is vast and it is just so easy to lose yourself in the music and be here just for that. You don’t even have to dress up, just come as you are and fellow music lovers will welcome you in! However, if electronic music is not what you are into, then join one of the 90s parties or the roller disco. Berliners love their throwbacks! Or you don’t have to involve music at all to have a good time, just grab a beer and take a sit outside a shop and have a chat with some friends and don't be shy to chat to the strangers beside you. Berliners are friendly, even if they don’t look like it and it is the easiest city in the world to make friends.

Is it easy to live and work in Berlin?

If you live in Berlin, then work can be fun too!

The Startup scene in Berlin is growing since the last few years. It is a city that embraces new ideas and gives people a chance to explore them. Imagine working at a place that allows you learn as you go and become an expert - not in just one field - but in multiple fields, letting you explore all types of different areas of work. What is more, a lot of startups have noble ideas and focus on work that would benefit the world.

Yet, if you are coming to Berlin not to work... then the art scene might be of interest. Not only the city is filled with great museums, the street art is something that can be found in each district. It is a city where you can be in awe every time you step outside. What is more, it is a city that will make a better person out of you. Recycling is very important to all citizens of Berlin, so when renting a flat in the city it becomes a part of your daily life.

Little gems that make Berlin great.

Berlin is a city that you fall in love at the first sight. It might be difficult to find a job here and on top, rent prices are slowly going up. The German language is difficult to learn and winters are cold. But every time you feel a bit low and go outside, you just get amazed. Whether it is a bike ride around the city that makes you marvel at the beautiful architecture, the Sunday karaoke at Mauerpark that makes hundreds of people cheer for complete strangers, a hidden GDR toy museum on Choriner strasse that requires to go through a secret passage, or the politeness of German people, there are just endless reasons why Berlin is special. There is a representative of every country in the world in Berlin and with a smile on their face, every one of them would say that Berlin is their home.