Why you should encrypt your Data

Encryption is one of the most talked about security features of the year. Here is why it raises so much attention.

Edward Snowden speaking at SXSW identified Encryption as a practical solution to mass surveillance. Encryption is already in use, Snowden himself has been using it for secure communications since fleeing the US. He acknowledged that currently encryption was too complicated for the majority of internet users. Zenmate is working to make encryption easy and accessible to everyone.

Reliable sites use encryption when you’re giving your details for a purchase to prevent a third party stealing the data while it is being transferred. Your identifying data such as IP and other information your computer makes available while using the internet can also be encrypted adding an extra layer of security to your computer when browsing the internet. This is easily done with Zenmate.

How it Works

Encryption works much like an enigma machine, the data passes through the machine to become an unintelligible series of code. If sending to a trusted source, the recipient needs a corresponding enigma machine to decrypt the information back into it’s original form, this is called end to end encryption. Individual files or entire hard drives can be encrypted to keep personal data in your computer safe. When trying to stay safe on the internet, encrypted data can’t be read by anyone trying to snoop on your activities.

When would you use an enrcypted connection?