Why you should take ZenMate on Holiday

If you’re going on holidays this summer, there are many important things to pack to keep safe organised and healthy, but don’t forget about your online security! If you’re taking your laptop, tablet or smartphone with you make sure that it is secured!

Traveler Wifi Security

Keep Important Data Secure

Mobile devices have made it easier to keep track of tickets, itineraries and other important files that you need while travelling, but it doesn’t necessarily make them more secure. Make sure to keep important documents secure with a good password, browser encryption and up to date software, particularly when using public wifi.

Stay Safe on Public Wifi

Free wifi is a great when stuck waiting in an airport, train station or elsewhere, but such wifi hotspots can be risky. ZenMate hides your IP and encrypts your browser traffic protecting it from snoopers and other threats on public wifi.

Easy Access to your Favourite Services

It can be frustrating to not be able to use one of your favourite services when abroad, particularly when it’s paid subscription. With ZenMate you can easily access your favourite media services like you were at home with a simple unobtrusive browser add on.

Avoid Censorship, Blocked Services and Other Frustrations

While the internet is global, it hasn’t stopped countries from trying to limit its availability and usability. Avoid geo-restrictions, search engine bubbles and other annoyances while travelling with ZenMate.

How do you stay safe online when travelling?