ZenMate vs. Media Hint - More than just Unblocking

ZenMate can be seen as a free alternative to subscription based unblocking services like Media Hint but it has a lot more to offer.

ZenMate is a reliable high speed solution for unblocking but we do so much more than that. We tunnel connections, we encrypt all your browser data and hide your IP.

Your privacy is our main focus, avoiding geo-restrictions is an extra that comes with our method of securing your data. We don’t think people should have to pay for something that should be the norm - an unrestricted and free internet.

We will be constantly adding new cutting edge services to keep you secure on PC or smartphone as well as advantages such as data compression. We recognize that people are happy with our service as it is since it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the content they love.

ZenMate: Enhances Security and Easy to Use

From the moment you activate ZenMate your browsing data is encrypted. This enhances your security and adds another layer of protection when using the internet. Encryption secures information that your computer shares with the internet such as your IP address.

Despite encryption our servers are very fast. ZenMate can easily keep pace with every other alternative but provides a much better level of privacy. Through advanced data compression we are in some cases even faster than many of them although thousands of new users lately and sudden spikes due to world events (e.g. Twitter blocked in Turkey) could cause occasional slowdowns.

We are constantly adding new secure servers and offer an easy-to-use interface.
If you want to unblock content, ZenMate is easy to install and handle. You benefit from being able to switch easily between locations. As you can see we are much more than just a Media Hint alternative!

Giving people what they Want

This basic feature is only a start for having more privacy online and should be available to everyone. We will always offer a version of ZenMate that covers our current features for free.

This post is inspired by other companies switching to paid subscription (such as Media Hint) who seemed to have issues to realize what people really want. And we obviously try to avoid making mistakes. All of them offer a good service but do they care about their customers needs?

There are a lot of ways to get subscribers to a service. In our opinion it needs a lot of work and very good features to be worth the money.
ZenMate is one of the most popular extensions available for unblocking purposes and its totally free!

Give ZenMate a try!

Our goal is to deliver the best service possible! How can we improve the ZenMate experience for you?