ZenMate can help keep Grandma Safe

71% of seniors with internet go online everyday with 57% making online purchases. Helping seniors access the internet often falls to younger family member and it is worth the effort. Once the basics are learnt, internet access becomes an integral part of over 65s lives.

Seniors Online

We have all dealt with older people wanting to get all the benefits of the internet who have no previous experience of computers. When giving instructions it’s hard not to be condescending and it can be frustrating but the benefits of internet connectivity are massive, unfortunately there are also dangers.

Security is a Priority

Security is one of the biggest concerns and can be difficult to educate people of all the risks when they’re still trying getting to grips with basic browsing. Simple security solutions are the best. Of course that means anti-virus, anti-malware and being careful when sharing information.

It can be daunting and often makes older people nervous about using the internet. A VPN might seem advanced but ZenMate enhances security with a very simple setup that runs in the background.

Consider ZenMate for Peace of Mind

ZenMate provides a very simple interface that runs in the background, our simple green shield makes it clear that its working. It adds another layer of security when accessing sensitive information such as providing personal or credit card information.

Simple peace of mind and easy to install. It will also soon be available for tablets which are used by 18% of seniors. Take care of your family members and make their internet experience as safe as possible!

What do you do to look out for others online security?