Now accepting Bitcoin & Paysafe

At ZenMate we take our users security and privacy serious in everyway. Bitcoin & paysafe are a great addition to our payment options for the security minded who want to experience all that that ZenMate has to offer.

Adding paysafe and Bitcoin to our list payment methods means you get privacy and enhanced security right from the start.

Bitcoin enables private and secure transactions which is why we're happy to offer it as a payment method. We're also responding to requests from our users to include it as a payment method. Bitcoins transactions are transparent to help prevent fraud but the identity of the buyer/seller can remain anonymous if the proper precautions are taken.

Paysafe: simple & secure

Paysafe is a simple secure method of payment. You can buy paysafe cards in 480,000 outlets worldwide. The prepaid cards have a lot of security benefits over other methods. You don't have to enter personal details such as bank account or credit card details. The card is pre-paid so if the card is stolen or lost you aren't at risk of losing more money than the value of the card.

Whatever payment method you use, ZenMate adds another layer of security and enhanced privacy that makes your online transactions more secure.

ZenMate Premium is faster, has more locations and a Desktop VPN that encrypts all online traffic and downloads.